Sunday, September 30

One Box: Leslie Size, Please

So Friday night I slept in a box. Not because I had to, though I am homeless, but because I was joining with a group of Bozeman folks who were raising awareness and funds for a group called Family Promise. This organization helps the homeless of Gallatin County. The event, "Box City", was the first annual for the region. Great turn out, lots of money raised, and quite fun to boot. Prizes were given out for most creative box, and a couple of others. I didn't get creative at all, but the box was quite comfortable and warm. I slept like a baby. Check out my box.


Mom said...

You never cease to amaze me! You must have been exhausted or very cozy! I didn't know you ever slept like a baby!

See you in a couple of months! I'm saving a great bed for you!

Leslie said...

okay, maybe I didn't sleep like a baby, but it wasn't the worst night of sleep I've had in awhile. Although, I can't wait to sleep in a bed!

EmilyAnne said...

Well, I'll just give Calli and Lana the beds while you're out for Thanksgiving. I'll keep an eye out for a big box until then for you! ;)