Tuesday, September 4

Here I Am

And here I have found myself in Bozeman, Montana. For the next 2 1/2 months I will be leading a crew of four others with the help of a co-leader in Yellowstone National Park. We will be working on one project for those six weeks - Mystic Trail. The last two weeks of my term of service will be a weatherization project for the impoverished of MT. We will be visiting the reservations and other low-income housing locations to help folks get their homes ready for the long, cold Montana winter. And then I'll be moving on, I suppose. To where? Undecided as of yet.

I won't have a mailing address for the rest of the year, I'm guessing. So if you feel the urge to mail me anything, squelch it. Feel free to email me if you want or call. I will most likely be moving from couch to floor to Jimmy when I'm in town (which will be minimal), and of course tent when I'm on project. So I've been trying to talk my back into being okay with the fact that I will not have a bed for a few months. I'm not sure how accepting it will be...not that it has a choice.
Bozeman sits in the Gallatin Valley, surrounded by four mountain ranges: Bridgers, Madisons, Spanish Peaks, and the Gallatin Mountains. Yellowstone is a mere stone's throw away from the valley, aiding in the fact that this is an outdoorsmen's playground. This valley was the first settled part of Montana due to the discovery of gold nearby. Lots of history here: vigilantes, battles with local Indians, off shoots of the Oregon trail, highway robbers, corrupt politics (whats new, right?).

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Evan said...

Les, miss you like crazy. That picture is the most beautiful I have witnessed in a while, and that is saying a lot considering all of the beauty you have shared via photo posts. What colors show up in that picture? I really can't believe it. I hope you really enjoy Bozeman. I have enjoyed your recent posts a lot. Lots of thoughts lately, huh? Soudns like the visit with Calli was a wonderfully uplifting time for you, no surprise there. I miss the Edwards so much. Seeing Calli this summer was a Top 5 2007 highlight for me, I believe. Hope to talk to you soon!