Monday, July 16

Visitors from Afar

Emily, Franz, Madeline, and Katie made the cross country trip from Illinois to Montana. Arriving safely, and amazingly sane in Billings last Thursday evening. I've never heard of a driving route from Chicago to Phoenix, by way of Montana, but hey, anything goes when you're pushing 100mph in a slick black mercedes, I guess! I was thrilled that they visited, and excited to tour Yellowstone National park with them and stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday night before they split for the last leg of their long journey home.
Madeline and Franz help me eat some sprouts from the top of my sandwhich. Katie tried them and spit them out in disgust. However, upon seeing Maddie enjoying them so much, she tried them again and aparently liked them. Strange. Emily refused the refreshing crunch of sprouts, relaying tales of the youthful days when mom grew her own and put them on our sandwhiches and salads.

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