Monday, July 16

The Grand Tetons...A Solo Trip

After Emily, Franz, and the girls drove south out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Saturday morning, I drove north to the Tetons and backpacked into a campsite about eight miles in. My campsite was situated behind the Grand Teton and in a canyon called Cascade Canyon. I saw plenty of day hikers, lots of wildlife, a handful of raging waterfalls, but not too many backpackers as I hiked to my campsite.

During the night, of which I slept little, I was disturbed at various times by a marten that was very interested in the items I had under the vestibule of my tent. Each time I heard it moving very close to my body, with only a thin nylon barrier separating us, my heart skipped a beat, or two. An elk wandered into my campsite, as well, scaring me once again. I knew I shouldn't have read Night of the Grizzlies, before traveling into the backcountry. Morning came none too soon and I was packed up and hiking by 7 am.
Saturday as I hiked into my campsite, I passed four moose munching on an afternoon snack. I was very excited to encounter four at once. If you look closely at the picture you can see one moose feeding and then another to it's left lying in the grass. All you can see are the antlers and part of it's head.

In 2002, Megan and I had backpacked in the Tetons and spent some time at Jenny Lake. It was fun to come back and take looksy at the lake again.


bekadean said...

and i thought i had it good in the backyard doesn't seem to compare to yours. i'm in awe....truly!

Megan said...

I love the Jeremiah Johnson of it all!