Thursday, March 29

A Taste of Montana

I've had many requests to post pictures taken in Montana. I've only snapped a few here and there, but I'll gladly post a few. In no particular order:

Entrance to a Montana Ranch

Thawing Ice Bridges

This picture was taken at one of our day project sites. We helped paint the interior of a home for women transitioning out of prison. From left to right: Shannon, Paula, me, Josh, Drew (squating), and Mike. Shannon is the senior crew leader, I am the senior youth crew leader, and the other four are the field crew leaders. The MCC uniform is modeled by Paula, Drew, and myself. Green t-shirt and brown or khaki carhart pants.

The Three Amigos: Shannon, Tauzha (my regional supervisor), me

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Carol said...

I'm glad we got to see pictures of the Three Amigos and other MCC members!

The snow pictures a beautiful! I am enjoying the green grass and flowers here, however!