Wednesday, March 28

A Rising Revelation

I sometimes feel like I've joined the Boy/Girl Scouts of America.

  • required to learn a variety of knots and hitches
  • required to use those knots and hitches in practical situations (ie: bear hangs, kitchen tarps, securing tools to vehicle roof rack)
  • just bought a utility pocket knife with a three inch blade
  • excited about upcoming technical training where I will learn how to use a two person crosscut saw as well as a chainsaw (and a myriad of other tools)
  • wear brown and green uniforms

Even with all of these similarities, the MCC veers away from the scouts in a few areas.

Comparable differences that the MCC has with the Boy/Girl Scouts:

  • no patches earned
  • no sashes (thank goodness)
  • no little boxes of cookies (a huge drawback for the MCC in my opinion)
  • no scarves

At least we don't have to sing silly songs. I would like it if we had boxes of cookies in storage, though. I might even voluntarily wear a sash if we could then have the cookies. Hmmmm?


Kostaroff said...

I think we need a picture of the uniform to fully understand. I am with you on the cookies. Since I wasn't at school this year, I got NO COOKIES! I am scrambling to get my paws on some.

Brooks said...

Chainsaws and sashes? The Montana Girl Scout Chainsaw Massacre... You better start watching your back!!