Saturday, March 3

Anonymous Package

Yesterday I received an anonymous package in the mail. A flat, padded, manila envelope. I immediately tore it open and inside was one of my favorite playthings in the world - an aerobie! A return address to Kannapolis, NC and no note attached. I googled the address but found nothing that could determine the sender. I have no idea who sent this blessed gift, but I'm completely stoked. I have, in my past, owned many an aerobie and do so presently, however, it is residing in Concord, NC with all of my other toys, stuffed in a laundry basket (my makeshift toy box) and sitting on a dusty shelf, patiently awaiting my return to the Bible Belt. This aerobie was a perfect gift. My thanks to the secret sender!

Today, unfortunately, is too windy to play with the aerobie, but I'm thrilled just thinking about the fun possibilities in the future. Me and my aerobie. Well, I suppose I must find a friend to play with me and my aerobie since it isn't a boomerang. No worries though, there are few humans that can resist the magnetism of 'the aerobie'!


Brian said...

I for one can resist your arobie magnatism. I don't know if it is the hole in the middle(made for getting caught in a tree), the fact that it won't float(drops like a brick, in water), or could it be the 1495 miles between us.

Actual reasons I have trouble when playing with someone elses arobie. I feel it is my job to either lose it, or change the game play from tossing the arobie, to throwing your arm out trying to knock an arobie out of a tree. I have lost one or two arobies in my day, and lost all control of my once good throwing arm.

In all honesty I would love to throw your arobie around(a large, large well groomed pasture). Can't wait to hear more about your adventures. Love ya.

Kostaroff said...

I had an awesome arobie once. My dear sweet husband launched it toward our pond. It immediately sank into the depths of the murky water never to be seen again. Phil, in all his heroic efforts (if you call laying down on a lawn chair effort) did not think it was worth replacing for me. Yes, arobies are wonderful, but they are also kind of like pet fish. Exciting at first, but you know it won't last long. So congrats on the great gift... BE CAREFUL11
Love, Debbie Downer (with noise)