Tuesday, February 27

My Odities Have a Label!

Upon reading a little psychological analyses on children (part of the requirements for my position with the MCC) I realized that I can identify with one of the "stages" that Erik Erikson has suggested.

Psychosocial Moratorium

The likes of which is taking a little break from life. Young adults tend to get caught up in trying to reach success as soon as possible. When going through a little psychosocial moratorium, one steps back to 'smell the roses', if you will. A time to get to know oneself and figure out what success means to you.

So there you have it. I'm in the middle of a psychosocial moratorium. Sounds scary, but feels great!


Anonymous said...

Les, I love that you're reading about Erikson. Did you ever take psych classes in college? You must have had to as a teacher. I'm a big fan of psychology, especially the developmental stages part. Glad you have a name for your "condition", too. Sometimes that can be comforting!

Beka said...

erikson may label you as one going through a psychological moratorium, but dave schlarb simply labels you as one who is crazy as a loon.