Thursday, February 1

A Tribute to Friends

It is not every day that one can step back out of the spotlight of today's moments and run free in yesterday's memories. And for most people, the memories of the past conjure up feelings and emotions that have been hidden for years under the stresses of the here and now. A once familiar smell, the memory of a secret never told, a picture of a favorite place, all come flooding into the river we are presently and awkwardly navigating without a moment's notice. Some memories are nightmarish - stirring up feelings of regret based on foolish choices made years previous. But then there are those, more common, memories of the carefree days of life gone by. Living in the moment. Laughing just to laugh. Not realizing that these moments mysteriously disappear as one moves further and further from childhood.

I have been consistently blessed with good friends all through my childhood and into my adult life. This blessing has been apparent to me for some time now. When other girls were getting into fights over boys and rumors, my friends and I were planning our next adventure or series of pranks. When other girls were getting wrapped up in life and losing contact with high school friends, my friends and I were making an effort to keep track of each other's accomplishments. When other girls are finding little time outside of the regular grind of life to contact a college friend, my friends and I are taking a moment to email or phone one another.

In honor of my friends, near and far, thank you for being the kind of people that even though, and in most cases, you have found your life partner, your best friend, your soul mate, you have still made an effort to reach out and touch my life. You rock!


Kristi said...

Everyone should have a friend as loyal and appreciative as you! Well written!

bekadean said...

I feel so blessed by your friendship Les. There really aren't words to let you know just what you mean to me. You inspire me. You encourage me. You challenge me. Thank you for who you are and for the friend you continue to be!

Anonymous said...

It is true that you and your friends serve as a model of what friendship should be, what it can be if we put the effort into it. Since I feel I'm now in a place where I can focus on being a better friend, I look to your relationships for pointers, tips, and methods of meeting the needs of those around me.
Thanks. This post is very eloquent.