Saturday, February 3

The Order of the List

Two days and counting. Yet another road trip on my agenda for the year. Most assuredly not the last and interestingly enough, not the first. The Jimmy has been serviced and re-serviced and is rearing to go - on that asphalt trail out west. Much to my happiness the drippy door issue has been resolved, as well as a number of other mechanical "illnesses" brought on by running up the mileage on an old automobile.

In the last three or four days my mind has compulsively focused on the details of moving yet again to a new place of residence. I used to be a person of "lists". Each evening I'd make a list of the things I needed to accomplish the next day and then check them off one by one as I completed them. I weened myself from the 'list' a few years ago - I fear I'm regressing. Back to the order of the list.

  • What needs to be done before leaving town?

  • Who needs to be called? Visited?

  • What needs to be stored away safely?

  • What needs to come with me to Montana?

  • Where is the cheapest gasoline?

  • What time is it?

Blast, I'm running out of time!


Kostaroff said...

I am glad we made it on the list! We had a great time with you this weekend. We are praying for you and your adventures out west! Keep us up to date and entertained on your blog! We love you.

Andrew & Alaina said...

We were so happy to see you before you head off! Thanks for visiting - we had a great time! Have a wonderful trip, enjoy cousin Kayla, and stay in touch. Love you.