Sunday, February 25

Racket Ball and Bowling

In the last few days I've rediscovered two recreational activities: bowling and racket ball. In the past and in both cases I have only had minimal exposure to the enjoyment of these activities. My senior year of college, my teammate and good friend, Sarah Shivler, introduced me to racket ball. Combined, we had a sketchy understanding of the rules of play, but we had a great time competing against each other upon occasion. Bowling, as my family knows, is not an activity that we Gottschalks have never cared to give time or money to, beyond the normal high school P.E. courses and occasional birthday parties. Therefore, the unveiling of these two "sports" this week has been enchanting, to say the least.

Now, I don't mean to give any preconceptions about my skill level for either of these two sports. I, by no means, have any hint of skill or competitive knowledge associated with bowling or racket ball. But being the competitive soul that I am, I am hoping to acquire some deeper understanding of both games in the future.

Admittingly, it was rather painful to be badly beaten, twice, by my racket ball partner the other day. However, I am sure that with the recent sound beatings, my spirit of challenge will rise to the competition and someday in my future I will be able to wield the miniature racket with grace, poise, and deadly accuracy!

When one of my bowling buddies asked me when the last time I had bowled was, and I couldn't put a finger on it, I knew I was in for a humiliating demise. Surprisingly though, I finished two games of bowling with a new personal record of only four gutter balls rolled for the event! And, I might add, I astonishingly finished one of my two games with a score of over 100!

After thoughts:

  • Bowling shoes are just as ugly as they ever have been.
  • Both sports have a certain air of uncleanliness about them.
  • The pungent smells associated with each are different, yet both discomforting.


Beka said...


and what ever happened to sarah shilver?

Carol said...

Did the aforementioned pain subside before you attempted these sports?

I am impressed with your bowling score. Oh, yeah, I'm one of the non-bowling Gottschalks so any score over 75 impresses me.

Though I agree bowling shoes are smelly and ugly, I thought them rather comfortable, as I recall.

I don't doubt your competitive juices will push you to a win in one or both sports very soon!

Carol said...

OK, I will come clean about the reason that I have never held the bowling sport in high esteem; it all started so long ago, of course, when you are my age, everything is so long ago! I must have been 13 or 14 at the time, it was summer school P.E. class at the Lanes in Rochester. I was intrigued by it only because I saw it as a way to escape the farm scene where we were baling hay and sweating our hearts out in the mow! So, I finished cultivating the corn that p.m., went home to do the nighttime milking and hit the hay, so to speak. In the morning, after milking, of course, I went to summer school bowling with my friends, sweet! My brothers, Dave and Dick were suspicious of my motives! My side hurt, actually, it hurt yesterday when I was driving the tractor. I finished by 2 games with scores of 74 and 102. Mom picked me up and it was on the drive home that I noticed the pain had intensified on my right side. I could not straighten up when I got out of the car, Mom was really happy about this next trip back in town to the hospital, as she was just in town! My brothers, who were ready to bale hay for 6 hours in the 90 degree heat were not happy either! I, however, remember nothing after a little anaesthetic! I awoke without an appendix and had memories of a painful recovery which included bowling! Dad

Leslie said...

Very traumatic, Dad, but don't write bowling off completely, what if it is your hidden talent?

jteague said...

This is Teague. I am not sure I how I ran into this blog but I did and I just wanted to say hello. Seeing the pic of you made me smile and rememeber ALL of the crazy times :) I hope you are well my friend!

jteague said...
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