Sunday, February 25

It's a Phenomenon!

I have officially introduced my MCC regional leaders to the Settlers of Catan. And not surprisingly, they love it and are currently drawn (careful not to say addicted) to the genius of Claus Tuber and his beloved Catan.

At the All Americorps Gathering last week I brought the game and was applauded by many of the 42 MCC members who, unbeknownst to me, love the Settlers of Catan. I had no idea that Claus had such far-reaching influence, even into the most remote regions of this great country. Hail the Tuber!

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Evan said...

Leslie - you, in fact, are a fine human being. I was thrilled to read about the indoctrination of the montana masses in Settlers of Catan. Now you can best your bowling and raquetball conquerors in something.

Miss you!