Saturday, February 13

looking for a job?

"Love sports, strong women and have some free time?? Do you lose your voice during other sporting event screaming at a referee's "bad call" and think....I could do that? We are looking for dedicated people, male & female, age 21 or older to train to become a FW Derby Girl referee. If you are unaffected by angry, screaming skaters and can handle a small bruise or two, then we'd love to meet you. Please click on the coaches/referee contact link above and tell us about yourself. Some skating ability is preferred."

Hmmm....a roller derby referee? Now there's an exciting job!!

I managed to talk a friend into heading to Fort Wayne last night to catch Fort Wayne's Derby Girls taking on a Canadian team from Hamilton City, Ontario, as well as, an Indianapolis team called the Circle City Rollers. Roller Derby was a new experience for me. After getting an explanation of the rules and a demo before the first bout, it was actually quite exciting. I do have to admit there is somewhat of a "professional wrestling" feel to the whole experience which mostly has to do with the fact that each player has a pseudo name and sports accessories such as fishnet stockings or hot pink bloomers.

Here is a sampling of the type of names we are dealing with here:

  • Vicodoom
  • The Pink Painther
  • Perky Set
  • Develyn Side
  • Dicey
  • Pushy Cat

How popular is this sport? Well, lets just say it was a sold out crowd last night at the Collesium. Nuts! But tons of fun!


Kristi said...

I think you may have found your next occupation...

Lana Joy said...

You should totally do this. Awesome.
How was it tonight?

Margaret said...

I went to my first roller derby last month. It was so much fun!

raleigh said...

how fun! takes some real guts to be a ref!

Melissa/Mel said...

you could totally earn some extra cash...and it wouldn't be any more risky than going to certain restaurants in college...

liz nelson said...

luke and i regularly attend the naptown roller girls home bouts here at pepsi coliseum. it's so much fun, especially once you figure out the rules.:)