Thursday, November 5

packing and unpacking

What is a year of my life if I can't up and move at least twice, eh? It is true, I've become an expert in moving. Not necessarily one of my lifelong goals, but I guess you take any expertise that manifests itself in one's life along the way. And so, moving day has come and gone.

I officially left Victory Acres Farm after a very thoughtful send-off party last Saturday, that included lots of Himelicks, two Chases and myself (Jasper was not invited, hmm...). A casserole dish of lasagna, a cheese ball, garlic bread, salad and a chocolate cake all served on tables in the greenhouse.

With God's help, I've procured a house-sitting gig for the next two months a block from main street Upland. I spent Monday packing, moving and unpacking. And I can say I am all situated and loving the extra space that is at my disposal.

My intention is to substitute teach for the winter while coming up with a plan for the spring/summer. When you run into me and ask what I will be doing in a few months, you may be disappointed with a reply along the lines of, "I'm not sure". So be patient, let time pass and know that I'm not worried about it. Life has always worked out quite nicely whether I spent time worrying or not. Therefore, I will choose not to worry. If you would like to worry in place of me, feel free.


Raleigh said...

sounds lovely to me. you go where the wind blows you! and... it is windy in indiana...

Kristi said...

I won't worry for you at all my friend ~ you have an amazing ability to embrace life and bloom where ever it takes you!