Monday, July 27

life in a list

It seems whenever I get the rare opportunity to be "online", I am without inspiration (in the blogging realm, that is). I'm not saying that life on the farm is boring, for it is not that, at all. Or that nothing interesting or exciting happens over here, for that is not true either. But I just don't know what little life tidbit to share. And even if I have decided on a topic for posting, it never magically works itself out in words, sentences and paragraphs. Seems it takes more effort than in the past.

So in short, since I am struggling to be creative, here is what has been going on.

  • blueberry picking with Emily, Lana, Mom, Madeline and Katie (50 lbs in 2 hrs)
  • harvesting squash, green beans, swiss chard, blackberries, raspberries, onions, garlic, kohlrabi, cucumbers, scallions, basil, parsley
  • catching up with Megan, Tara and Jake on Lake Michigan
  • witnessing a Jasper- baby mink fight (sidenote: baby mink was winning, so I had to step in and give it a wallop with the shovel. Nasty little creature.)
  • visiting college friends at IWU (visiting from Ohio, New York, North Carolina and Michigan)
  • various bonfires with friends and family
  • baking breads and muffins, making fresh basil pesto
  • Indianapolis Indians baseball game with Kyle and Lana
  • playing slow pitch softball every Monday night (and winning every game, our team rocks)
  • being chased and attacked by mean rooster when collecting eggs
Oh and I almost forgot, somewhere in there I got another blasted speeding ticket. I swear I can't get through a year without getting one of those things. I need to stick to my hiking boots. 2006 was probably the only year of my driving life that I haven't gotten a speeding ticket. Which was of course because I was walking for 6 of those months. I'm a sorry lot.


calli said...

i have to say that the simple words of the "happ's of you life" are creative and inspiring in itself! Thanks for sharing.

and a whopping 50 pounds? Whoa! What are you planning to do with those goods?

Kristi said...

Glad for Jasper that you were there to defend him from the vicious mink!
Even if your posts aren't as creative as you'd like, I still enjoy knowing what is going on in your corner of the world!

Michelle said...

I am so excited I get to see your lovely face soon!! Nothing nearly that exciting happens in my neck of the woods. I am assuming we will not get to meet Jasper when you come visit as I am sure he would probably not take kindly to life in a car for long. Leslie, you have got to talk to someone about being able to talk your way out of those blasted speeding tickets. You are a talker...can't you charm your way out??

Anonymous said...