Monday, May 18

Days Off

Days off are good for lots of things. For sleeping in, doing laundry, sipping coffee, going on walks. My favorite thing to do on my days off, however, is to bake. I like cooking, I like baking, I love eating. It is a win win situation. Lately I've been baking bread every other week. I've found an oatmeal bread recipe that is quite delicious. I make bread the old fashioned way, no machine. It definitely takes time, but that's okay, because it's my day off.

Today I made a rhubarb custard pie. I also attempted making yogurt for the first time. Yogurt is easy to make, why have I waited this long to make yogurt?

Chocolate Chip Cookies. Another favorite. This time I added whole wheat flour and I liked them better. Now I can tell myself that they are healthy. Sweet, I've got a breakfast cookie.

Things I don't like doing on my days off: cleaning up dog puke from my car, going grocery shopping, paying bills.


Lana Joy said...

Even if you hate grocery shopping, I appreciate that you've done it two weeks in a row for us. You rock. And I agree on the cookies. Substantial, breakfast cookie. Yup. You'd better tell dad.

Brooks said...

What is your yogurt recipe? I would be interested in making that too!

Sarah said...

Did you put lavender in the cookies?? Stacy just made lavender Snickerdoodles today - YUM!