Sunday, April 12

virtual farm tour

Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma made the road trip to Upland for a late Easter lunch with Lana, Kyle and I. Lana and Kyle were gracious hosts in their mini-kitchen. Mom brought the ham, salad, and brownies. Lana made the biscuits and I fixed the potatoes. It was a patchwork effort, and delicious at that.

Grandpa and Grandma were treated to a personalized tour of Zondervan Library on Taylor University's campus; Lana's place of employment. And a cool, windy tour of Victory Acres Farm via golf cart.

I reside in an upstairs room in the old farm house (est. 1893). Cora Mae lives in the main floor. It is her house, she has lived there over 50 years and is kind enough to let me share space with her. She recently celebrated her 83rd birthday and proudly displayed her 23 birthday cards on her dining room table. Impressive!

The greenhouse is where it all happens right now. Due to the very wet and sometimes cool weather, we have been busy planting seeds into soil blocks, germinating them in a dark, warm box, and then moving them out onto tables in the greenhouse once the seeds pop up. It will be very crowded in a few more days when the eggplant, kohlrabi, and peppers all decide to show signs of life. So far we have lots of lettuce, broccoli, pea, tomato and parsley babies.
The "chicken tractor" is a movable laying house. It has nesting boxes on the end for easy access for the egg collector and can be moved around the farm with an electric fence to keep the birds in. Happy birds = yummy eggs!

The wood stove is a beast. It is our main way of heating the greenhouse on cold nights. We try to maintain a temperature of at least 50 degrees in the greenhouse at night. This means taking shifts throughout the night to stoke the fire. With the help of some coal dust and some skill at packing in the wood, we can get at least four hours of burn time out of each load.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of Victory Acres. Feel free to stop by if you are in the area, we would love to give you a live tour of the farm. More going on all the time!


Melissa/Mel said...

thanks for the tour! i'm glad to know what your world looks like!

Anonymous said...

Why not use electricity? Ben Franklin would be frowning upon reading this.

Anonymous said...

Woot Woot!