Thursday, March 19

basketball...its madness

It is the middle of March. March Madness has begun, and it is like a breath of fresh air. It has been three years since I've been able to watch NCAA basketball. For three years I've had to rely on others to keep me up to date on the season and the tournament. Not a great way to stay informed, I've discovered.

2006 I was preparing for the Appalachian Trail, visiting friends and family. No time for basketball. 2007 I was living in Billings with a roommate who valued Ugly Betty over NCAA basketball. I had never met, nor will I meet ever again, anyone who would admit to that. I was shocked, and depressed. And that brings me to 2008. Whidbey Island. No television.

So, back in Indiana, 2009...yeehaw! Basketball galore. I'm totally stoked. I've got my bracket filled out, I'm reading the papers, staying up to date, watching the games. I love it.

And, as a side note, the Rochester Zebras boys basketball team have been enjoying extended success this March. They will be playing in semi-state's this Saturday. Go Z's. The last time my high school boy's basketball team won their Regional was in 1943. So this is a big deal for our little town.


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my sister says she'd rather watch ugly betty. on the bright side you'll almost certainly never have to live with her!