Sunday, February 8

bob the builder

Bob the builder would be proud of me. Well...proud of Mare and I, that is. The past couple of weeks we have been commissioned to build Lavender Wind Farm a cold frame the size of Noah's Ark. This cold frame will be home to wee little plants that have been started under lights and on heat mats and are ready to begin their hardening off phase of life. The cold frame will create a warm little home for these plants until they are ready to face the chilly spring of the great northwest.

Though at times it seemed more like a comedy of errors, Mare and I successfully finished our project this week. This 8' x 4' box will be a great addition to Lavender Wind Farm's organic growing vision.

On the same note. I had been wanting to build a cold frame for Suzie here on Spyglass Dr for some time. After starting the project at the farm I decided that procrastination could no longer be a legitimate excuse. On Saturday, Amber helped me construct this much smaller box (made of an old window and scrap lumber) for Suzie's garden. I think it turned out great, I do hope she likes it.


Mom said...

Great work! I'm sure Suzie will appreciate this as well as the many other labors you have done around the Spyglass home and lot. An awesome place, to be sure!

One thing I know for sure, both Suzie and Sarah will miss your cheerful, diligent, self-motivated personality and the excellent work it brings!

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

You could grow a lot of different plants in there...

Anonymous said...

This anonymous guy is awesome!!
Say hello to your mother for me.