Saturday, December 6

a surprise package

After being away for the day I returned to find a usps box on the step. It had traveled from the farthest point from Whidbey Island in the continental U.S., South Florida. Packages are a rare occurrence for me these days, so I immediately sliced the packaging tape and opened the box. Hidden by the plastic peanuts, there before me lay a towering stack of People magazines.

It seems I am not the only one I know who has a fetish with People. And because of that, I reap the benefits! Thank you Aunt Connie! You rock!

And the end of this little story didn't take but a few minutes before I was reading the first of stack. Don't mind if I do!


Melissa/Mel said...

That's hilarious.
Does Whitby island have a library? i know at my library in the states you can check out magazines...then you can read them w/o the "guilt" of spending dinero on them!

Raleigh said...

aaaawesome. nothing like catchin' up on old news.