Tuesday, October 14

post sabbatical

Exactly two weeks ago I completed my month long sabbatical from the lavender farm. Upon returning to the island, I feel like I've hit the road running. Back to working two jobs, tending to the garden, and wearing windbreakers (fall is really here, there is a chill in the air).

In these past two weeks I've tilled, weeded, planted, attended a hockey game, watched numerous movies, trimmed shrubs, harvested vegies and fruit, bought new hiking boots, tested out the new hiking boots on a twelve mile over-nighter, and tented in the snow.

It is nice to be back in the swing of things, watching the full moon set over the water, baking and cooking, getting the mail every night after work, finding excitement in phone calls and cards from friends and family.

Mom and Dad are within 48 hours of arriving in Seattle for a whirlwind tour of Whidbey Island and the greater Seattle area. We are hoping to spot some Orcas on our whale watching expedition, maybe see some starfish and anemones in the tidal pools on my beach, eat some fresh seafood, and visit Seattle's famous Pike's Market. One thing I know for sure: Seattle will not disappoint. Come visit.


Kristi said...

After several weeks of upheaval in our life, I'm also glad to be back to the "swing of things." There is something comforting in regular, everyday behavior!

I have sweet memories of Pike's Market from the summer following 8th grade. I was there with family and had the BEST grilled cheese (local Monteray Jack and cheddar cheeses on fresh sourdough bread)and I still can amost feel the juice of a peach the size of a softball running down my arm! How I'd love to come visit you...

Lana Joy Wilson said...

We're getting back into things, as well. It's been hard to surface from the feeling of drowning in the every day piled high with extremely new things that MUSt become everyday things.

Have fun with Mom & Dad. Can't wait to see pictures and hear stories. I'm working on the Honeymoon Novel. We'll see if pieces of it aren't in place after this restful weekend in Rochester.