Tuesday, September 30

roaming freedom

Though I moved to Washington State at the beginning of this year, I haven't had much of a chance to explore the wild places here. And since my appreciation of a location partially depends on getting out, exploring the mountains, forests, and lakes, I was ecstatic to have the month of September to do just that. Although, I did manage to make it to Montana and Indiana, as well.

To keep it short and sweet, here is a rundown of my month of freedom:

  • 3800 miles on airplane
  • 850 miles in car
  • 700 miles on a greyhound bus
  • 90 miles on foot (backpacking)
Animal Sightings:
  • 3000 dairy cows (Fair Oaks Dairy)
  • 40 elk
  • 13 black bear
  • 7 marmots
  • 1 banana slug
  • 9 times a bridesmaid
  • 8 pieces of cake
  • 3 parties in 1 weekend (wedding, 60th anniversary, 20th birthday)
  • 2 rock climbing routes
  • 1 glacier
  • 1 sister married and off to Costa Rica

Blue Glacier on Mt Olympus - the highest peak in Olympic National Park

Ross Lake in the Northern Cascades, Washington

Lana and Aunt Connie (who traveled from Fort Meyers, Florida to attend her wedding)


Kristi said...

someday I'm going to log such an impressive month...

Melissa/Mel said...

i'm jealous of all your bear sightings. i still haven't seen one in the wild... :(

glad you got to travel and adventure...and be a part of Lana's day :)

your bus story cracked me up...laughed out loud for a long time!