Saturday, July 5

on being 30

I've been in my 30th year for six whole days so far and it sure feels like something, I'm just not quite sure what. Wait...I know what it feels like. It feels just like 29, which felt like 25. Whew, that's cool. I was afraid it was going to feel old. But it doesn't, it just sounds old. And I can deal with that.

A few things that I've learned in my 30 years of life:
  • when it thunders it is only a matter of time before the light follows
  • friendliness is contagious, except in extremely rare cases, in which case you should flee, because grumpiness is contagious also
  • the "wait and see" theory is boring, I prefer to live by the "go and learn" theory (of which may not be a theory at all, I just made it up)
  • acquiring new skills requires risk, patience and humility
  • friends are not a dime a dozen, so cherish those you have
  • my actions do matter (to others, to the earth, to God)
  • time will not wait on you, so don't wait on it
  • I am a unique individual so it is okay if others think I'm weird
  • and most recently - feed the soil and reap the abundance
  • don't be afraid to change and grow

Of course, I've learned much more in the 30 years and six days of moments that have been stitched together to yield my life. But if I was to record all that I've learned in life I'd still be sitting here next year typing away. So this condensed list will have to do, I suppose.

Life is a blessing. My personal suggestion is to "live it".


EmilyAnne said...

awesome picture

Anonymous said...

And to think, I took that picture of you on the overlook in NC.

Can't wait to see you soon, sis. I miss you.

Kristi said...

Words of wisdom...

Happy belated birthday ~ welcome to the 30s club!

Raleigh said...

you have learned much in those short 30 years! it's so fun to watch you enjoy the ride. =)