Sunday, June 29

the year of the bird

I don't know what year it is, in terms of the Chinese year, but for me it is the year of the bird. There are few reasons for this.
  1. Since moving to Whidbey Island I have been initially surprised, but more recently just plain grateful for the myriad of Bald Eagles that pass overhead everyday. Where I grew up, in Indiana, we never saw Bald Eagles. I know there are lots of eagles and they live all over the country, but for me, it is still a daily blessing to see these majestic birds soar through the air over water or land.

  2. I am interested enough in identifying unknown birds to have a bird book next to the rocking chair by the window. With that said, I am slowly morphing into my bird-loving parents. Smiles.

  3. Bailey, my canine boarder, has eaten two birds in the past month. The first, being the bird I was attempting to save. The second, a baby quail hiding in the lavender field. Frowns.

  4. And lastly, strangely, I've had two birds fly into the house over the past two weeks. The weather has been warm enough that I keep both my doors open for a cross breeze. For some reason birds are feeling quite welcome. I had to rescue the first, a barn swallow, who repeatedly flew against one of the windows, futilely trying to escape. I caught and released it. The second, a hummingbird, flew in the kitchen door, through the dining room where I was seated, and out the living room door. Smart little bugger. I think he just found a shortcut to get from the front to the back of the house.

Now you see why I think it is the year of the bird. Not to mention the owl that I spotted last week, and the red tailed hawk that rides the thermals over the bluff, the crows that harass the hawk, the hawk that nabbed a rabbit in my yard right before my eyes, the hummingbird wars, the robins that love the juicy worms in my garden, the loons that dive for fish in the It is indeed the year of the bird.


Anonymous said...

As we know, my year has its own name, which is quite different, but I love that you've taken on the Naming of the Year tradition, too. It's one of my favorite things.

EmilyAnne said...

I like the Year of the Bird better than the Chinese version this year: The Year of the Rat. Sounds like a perfect year to be sued by a liar...oh wait, we are! :)

Calli said...

haha...i say challenge youself by predicting "the year" before it happens. the results have been proven hilarious, yet doubtfully replicable. my birthday is coming up, so we should put our heads together...over original seattle coffee!