Friday, May 2

good-bye April

April has passed me by in a whirlwind. I've had company, I've been company, I've made bread, I've broken bread, I've been taught lessons, I've applied lessons, I've stayed put, and I've been on the move. I'm not counting the days, I'm making the days count. This is my life.

Since my last blog post I've (in no particular order):
  • eaten or shared all of the radishes in my garden
  • planted beans, more peas, strawberries and asparagus
  • picked up a part-time yard work job ($20/hour)
  • been to Bozeman and back
  • buried a rabbit
  • been defeated at Settlers of Catan four consecutive times
  • shared my homemade granola with a Chinese-Canadian couple (they didn't like it...too sweet)

Below are a hodge podge photo gallery of what I've seen lately.

These azalea blossoms were being pelted by hail in late April.

Last night of April treated me with a stunning display of light and shadow.Stacy and Mare discovered a rabbit nest under a lavender plant at the farm.Not a bad view at work, eh?
Tugboat passes by Bush Point.


Lana Joy said...


That sunset picture is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Normally, when scrolling through photo galleries such as this, I give each picture a second. I had to stop and stare. It captured my soul, much the same way the one from our Thanksgiving in Mexico trip did. Much the same way any sunrise in Phoenix does. Well done capturing that stunning scene.

I miss you.

Melissa said...

Hey! I was just stopping in to say hi! :)
It's amazing to see how your life has changed since 2002ish.
You're such an inspiration!
P.S. I love your photography throughout your blog!

Mom said...

I love your poetry in words and photographs. Please keep writing, taking pictures, and sharing!