Monday, April 14

the mechanic's apprentice

Friday, Sarah traveled to Portland for a conference and left Rick with the instructions to "show Leslie how to change the oil in the tractor". I had been anticipating this for a few days, since Sarah and I had started the process a few days earlier, and by "started", I mean we collected a ground cloth and receptacles to catch the dirty oil before Sarah realized the tractor manual was no where to be found. Not wanting to pull the wrong plug, the oil change was delayed until further enlightenment. That, of course, came with Rick's fine tutelage, on Friday.

Rick is a very thorough kind of guy. His attention to detail could be referred to as obsessive compulsive by some. But I prefer to think of it is thorough. So change the oil we did, and the oil filter, and to top it all off, he got out the ole grease gun and showed me how to lube all of the movable parts. So by the end of the work day on Friday, my grease covered hands and clothing were a testament to my newly learned skill. Another day on the farm!

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