Thursday, April 10

the farm

Due to popular demand, I have finally taken a moment to snap a few pictures of Lavender Wind Farm. The lavender won't be blooming until June and July, but most varieties that we have on the farm are just beginning to leaf out. We've all been spending time with hoe in hand or plodding behind the tiller, trying to combat the ever present weeds.

The first picture is looking out over the field toward the house, garage and gift shop. The second picture is trying to capture the lavender labyrinth. I couldn't get all of it due to its size. More pictures later, I'm sure. Tractor training soon to come. And for all of my Midwestern blog readers, the tractors here are tiny compared to the John Deeres of the American heartland.

  • lavender wind farm has approximately 7,000 lavender plants


Kristi said...

Honestly, I think of all the people that I know that you live the coolest life! Hope that your hands aren't too blistered from wielding that hoe too much. I'm so looking forward to pictures when the lavendar is in full bloom!

Melissa/Mel said...

your farm is beautiful. you are just surrounded by beauty! what happens to all that lavender?

Alaina said...

Very cool and so beautiful! That is ALOT of lavendar!

Calli said...

leslie, you guys have a new flavor of lavender ice cream!!! yes mam!