Sunday, February 10

instead of t.v.

  • start a 735 page book
  • dig out noxious weed, thistle, from lawn
  • watch the freighters and tugboats go by
  • write a letter
  • read a cookbook, obsess about food
  • trim hydrangea bushes
  • turn compost pile
  • drink lots of coffee

and soon to come:

  • build chicken coop and run
  • start worm farm


Raleigh said...

awesome. who needs TV with activities like that? =)

Calli said...

i think that you should give us some ideas since we technically don't have tv...unfortunately what is tv without football or carolina basketball??

and since 735 pages seems extreme, hydrangea bushes are noxious here (?), and tugboats are a lil' westward ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Beka Dean said...

not many people have goals to start a worm farm this year.

you're a rare bread, you!

Alaina said...

What's the book?! I love the list - so productive and intresting!

Leslie said...

The book is actually yours: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I'm loving it!