Monday, November 26

See, Sea, Si

Thanksgiving this year found me in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico with Emily, Franz, Maddie, Katie, and Lana. We stayed in Emily and Franz's condo on the beach (Sea of Cortez), with ammenities such as ocean view, hot tub and pools, exercise room, internet, flat screen televisions. I experienced utter relaxation for the four days that we resided there. Not once did I put my watch on or check the time on any clock. It just didn't matter, no schedule, no phone service, no demands.

Maddie and Katie, as much as Emily, Lana, and I, loved going out at low tide searching for the sea's treasures: crabs, sponges, snails, shells, sting rays, and fish in the tidal pools left in and around the shallow coral reef.

Lots of game playing ocurred. Emily and I are officially addicted to the Seafarers of Catan, a rockin' expansion to the Settlers of Catan, where you have to worry about the thief as well as the pirate ship.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. So you probably dont remember me and i dont why but i just had the sudden urg to type your name in on google and you really did pop up! Ha! It was so exciting reading about all the things you have done since I knew you. Cheesey Crust! Hahaha, i wanted to call somebody and tell them that i found you on the internet and show them all the stuff you have been doing but then i realized that the people you and i used to be mutual friends with arent really my friends anymore. its funny how people you've changed its just mind blowing and i can imagine that its been quite a life. Well ne way, oh i should probably tell you who i am. My name is Adam Williams you were my 8th grade science teacher at J.N. Fries middle school in concord north carolina. I dont know if you remember me or not but i had red hair, kind of an idiot, probably gave you more than one bad day back then. hahaha ring ne bells? well if you do remember me please feel free to email me if you get the chance i look forward to hearing from you!