Saturday, November 10

On Square Dancing

I have been recently introduced to the historic art of square dancing. The past two nights I have worn the night away spinning, doe see doeing, stomping and clapping. My friend, Collier, has a bluegrass band that plays around town. She and another band member just got back from a square dance calling workshop in Portland the other day and were excited to practice their new skill. They came equipped with about 13 dances to call. About 12 of us MCCers made it to the dance Thursday night (all of us novices). We danced for a few hours, it felt like I had ran three miles by the end of the night.

Collier invited some of us to her friend's farmhouse last night to do some more dancing. We had a feast of elk roast, potatoes, cole slaw, and garlic bread before the music playing began. The musicians included two fiddle players, one stand up bass player, a mandolin player, a banjo player and a guitar player. Throughout the night most of the musicians traded instruments and continued making music. It was incredible. There was also a washboard that some of us, not so musically talented, could try out. Square dancing once again into the night.

How cool is this place? I love it!


The Millers said...

Square dancing, I bet you are amazing. Great to catch up with you Dirt Diva.

Raleigh said...

be seeing you soon... doe see doe your way on south.