Sunday, September 2

Reality...In a Big Way

The last ten days spent in Colorado Springs have been a much needed break. Not a break from reality, more like a break into reality. A reality that I have been avoiding. Sometimes the twists and turns my life takes end up further from reality than I like to admit. The path I've followed as of late has been full of much fun, much learning, and has generated many great stories. But I've been living far from reality.

  • God loves me and has a plan for me (laid out prior to my first breath)
  • God's plan is way better than my life plan
  • God is waiting for me to seek him in everything
  • God calls me to be a witness for him

I have lots of troubles. But my main stumbling block is my dang pride. I like to think I have it all together, I may even be sly enough to trick most people into believing that. I've always been slightly leaning to the devious side of things. Ask anyone in my family. Control is another issue for me. I like it. I like having it. I like using it for my benefit. And I usually can justify it's various uses in my day to day life. So when it comes down to surrendering to my Savior, I waver. I bob and weave. I smile and wave. I crouch and hide. But surrendering is not what I do.

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Mom said...

You are human! Like the rest of us. Who of us doesn't avoid surrender? It seems so weak, making us so vulnerable. Thank you for your honest, open sharing that challenges all of your readers to step back, take a close-up personal view of themselves, and assess pride vs. complete surrender. Perhaps the greatest paradox of human life is that complete and continual surrender to our Creator and the Lover of our Souls, our Savior/Redeemer (letting go) brings the greatest freedom, joy, and satisfaction of anything! The one who loses his Life is saved, while the one who holds the reins of his Life tightly loses it in the end. I, too, am conscious of my need to surrender each moment to the One who knows me best, loves me most, and wants to use His infinite Power and Wisdom for my benefit as I allow Him to. It is a journey, not without pain and struggle, but well worth it in the end! One thing is for sure, there is no room for pride and we all suffer from a severe case of that from birth. May He increase as I decrease! Thank you, Leslie!