Sunday, September 16

Hitch #1: Yellowstone National Park, Mystic Falls Trailwork

Though the first hitch with my new Bozeman crew has been over for nearly a week and I'm soon to be headed off for my second eight day hitch, I wanted to post a few great moments from last week.

  1. our hike each day passesd by Mystic Falls, a fifty foot waterfall, along with a dozen or so thermal features of various colors (hotsprings, hot spots, geysers)

  2. coconut shrimp curry (prepared by Joe our youngest crew member, age 20)

  3. meat-fest twice during our eight day hitch (consisting of elk burgers, beef sticks, smoked ham, bacon, and redneck sausages)

  4. ravens methodically picked apart our bagged trash that we had stashed on top of the rig for disposal, later (oops, good thing the park rangers didn't see that! Would have been a hefty fine!)

  5. rogue coyote stalks into our camp one night searching for food...and the soon there after howl right outside of my tent (I almost peed myself)

  6. retrained in the art of felling trees and fell two myself, as well as a good days work of bucking and limbing fallen trees

  7. our Yellowstone Parks technical advisor suggested a sweet backpacking trip in southwest Yellowstone, got us the permit, and lent us his personal map

  8. lost my camera at the Old Faithful Inn, discovered it two days later, and it had already been found, catalogued, and shipped to the resort office 65 miles away (Blast, that will be a half day trip for me to get it back)

And that, my friends is a brief to do of last week's events.

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Raleigh said...

sounds awesome! glad you're getting some good food on the trail... and enjoying the beauty of yellowstone. what a nutty, amazing place.
you rock my world.