Wednesday, August 15

Danger in the Museum

Like a frightening story from a book, the words come to life. And here I was in the jaws of a T-Rex!

Okay maybe not quite Jurassic Park, but...this is the largest T-Rex skull to have ever been discovered. It measures five feet from tip of nose to back of the skull. Crazy huge!

One of my youth crews spent a day at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT today. It has the finest collaboration of dino bones that I've ever seen in a museum. And the great thing about it is that almost all of the bones displayed were found within Montana, Wyoming, or Alberta, Canada.

Fun fact I learned today: In 2000 at the Fort Peck Reservoir (central Montana), five T-Rex skeletons were discovered and excavated. The most excavations in one place at one time in the history of dino digging! Talk about hitting the jackpot! I would imagine there are better odds in the everpresent casinos around here.

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Anonymous said...

That is a VERY fun fact, and I love that you were able to see such great skeletons. When I was in Chicago and saw the Giant T-Rex skeleton of "Sally", it blew my mind. They're so huge. Yay for museums!