Friday, July 27


It has been over 100 degrees for three weeks straight. No rain in sight, in fact, no clouds for a bit of reprieve from the sun, even. Been wishing and praying for rain, especially after hearing a frightening statistic about wildfires this week.

Over 1400 fires burning in the northwest right now.

Each day the risk increases exponentially. So when the thunderheads rolled in over the Yellowstone River two days ago while we were out on a river clean-up project, I was looking forward to the forthecoming storm. It rained for a few hours and blew on past. The tempterature dropped twenty degrees, and we could feel a breeze. What a blessing. And today when I woke up, I awoke to a spattering of rain drops falling through the mesh upper of my tent. I had left the rain fly off to enjoy the stars. It feels good to enjoy the rain. More please!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been suffering up there in Montana. Hard for me to imagine - as I've had beach and interior Midwest summers. Nothing close to 100 degrees for 3 weeks.

Glad you finally got some rain!