Friday, June 1

Recreating in Montana

Mystic Lake - Deepest lake in the Beartooths

Big Horn Sheep - Yellowstone National Park

Green Thermophiles living in hot, acidic spring water - Yellowstone

Dragon's Mouth - Rolling, steaming, hot ground water, smells like rotten eggs


Carol said...

Incredible! That green stuff is wild! The awesome creativity of God never ceases to amaze me!

Thanks for sharing these great pictures of such unique natural wonders!

Evan said...

Leslie, thanks for letting me see a good picture of the BIIIIIIGGG Horn Sheep! in the wild.

Miss you

EmilyAnne said...

It looks cold there in all that beauty. What are we going to have to wear when we come by in July? I just can't fathom it. It was already 98 degrees on the way home from church this morning. We're getting our plans around now, but they haven't quite extended to MT/WY yet. We'll let you know. Have fun with Calli.

dragwood said...

How on Earth did you find my great ancestor? I can't believe you stumbled upon him.

I am so happy to hear and see what a wonderful time you are having, what amazing blessings you are receiving and taking part in, and all the lives you are touching!! You are amazing!