Friday, June 22

Chief Plenty Coups

Chief Plenty Coups was a Crow Indian Chief that lived in the late 1800s as the white men were spreading westward across the US. He was, in his early years a great Crow warrior, and later in life, a leader of peace. One of his trips to Washington D.C. he visited Mt. Vernon (George Washington's homestead) and came back to Montana with the inspiration to leave his homestead to the state, as a place where all people could come and fellowship. Today his homestead is one of Montana's State Parks.

One of our youth crews spent the day resodding the Chief's store, and de-skunking the Chief's house. Earlier this year, the park staff trapped six skunks that were living under the Chief's porch. Our job was to dig a trench around the porch, attach wire mesh to the porch and backfill the trench with dirt to keep animals from finding refuge under the house.
Sod Cutters

On top of the Chief's storehouse


Melissa/Mel said...

i love how much you love your job. i love your stories. i love your pictures. i love that you're in Montana...doing what you want to do. I love that teens get to know you...and hang out with you. i love that you're doing trail work...and making parks better. heart you! can't believe you have kittens!

Melissa/Mel said...

i can't believe you changed your profile pic to you in a cowboy hat!

Erica said...

Hey Leslie,
I just checked out your ap. trail blog! You made it to my beautiful state at the perfect time of year! I loved all your pictures and hope to someday do the hike myself! I just signed another contract to stay another 2 years in china... if you want to do any hiking in china let me know :)
Erica Hiscoe

Danielle Robison said...

Ms. Gottschalk,
So you've decided to stay up there?
I hope you're having a great time in Montana. Are you ever coming back to NC? We miss you down here.
I hope to hear back from you!
Lady Knight #32

Leslie said...

Hard hat, Cowboy hat, Top hat, Keeps you guessing!

Megan said...

Deskunking...someone must have drawn the short straw for that job!