Saturday, June 16

Calli Gets an Unusual Taste of Montana

Calli visits Montana. Not a normal touristy type of visit. As soon as she got here we went to work. Off to visit one of my youth crews in Makoshika State Park, Montana's largest state park. The crew was spending the week working on a folf (disc golf) course. Needless to say, Calli's introduction to the Big Sky state may have been quite different than most.
Night number one in the park, we slept on picnic tables under an awning in case it rained. Rain, it did not, but the mosquitoes snacked all night on our exposed flesh. Night number two was quite perfect. We pitched a tent on top of a bluff, underneath a rainbow. The morning brought streams of sunlight parting the clouds to shine on the valley below.
Calli was a good sport. She hiked, she worked, she did not bathe, she was bitten by bugs, and she brought laughter and fun with her to our crew. Thanks for visiting Montana, Calli! I already miss you.


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, Miss Calli! I'm so glad you got to visit Les. the rest of us need to get on the stick and make it out there by November.

Leslie said...

What kind of stick are you getting on, Lana? Do you ride a broom?

bekadean said...

i'm pretty sure it's a carrot stick!