Tuesday, June 12

Billings Youth Crews: The Season Begins

Jon and Brandi's crew spent three days last week in Cody, WY working with the Humane Society of the United States and with Bureau of Land Management on a Wild Horse Range. The crew cleaned up some dump sites, old ranch sites, and placed and GPS located bluebird boxes on the land. It was cold, rainy, and super windy, but the kids loved being in the open range.

Noah and Alison's crew stayed in town last week getting to know each other, performing team initiatives, and doing day projects with local non-profits. In this picture they are performing a team-building activity called the "helium stick".

This week, Jon and Brandi's crew are working at a local state park (Lake Elmo) taking out barbed wire fencing, and resurfacing some trails. Noah and Alison took their crew to Makoshika state park in Glendive, MT to construct an 18 hole disc golf course. I am leaving tomorrow to visit the crew in Makoshika for three days.

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